: 0174
: Automobile Air Conditioning Servicing And Maintenance Series 1/2020
: RM 150.00
: Awam
: Customised
: Automotif
: 20 Oct 2020
: 21 Oct 2020
: 14 jam
: Buka

Sinopsis Kursus

Participants  will be able to know how the operation of the vehicle air conditioning system, the components involved in the system and the function of each component and identify problems that will cause failure of the system works.

  1. Identify the components of the vehicle air conditioning systems and vehicle air conditioning system process. 
  2. Identify control systems found in vehicle air conditioning systems 
  3. Explain the problem that caused the failure of the vehicle air conditioning system functioning at its optimum level

Maklumat Penganjuran
: Mohd Redzuan B Mat Zain
: Mohd Rafizi Bin Yasabah

: Bengkel Automotif
: Adtec Melaka

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